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Midnight Blue and Dark Green Friendship Ball, 80mm Medium Fired Egg Friendship Ball, 100mm Blue, Green and Purple Friendship Ball, 90mm Fired Egg Friendship Ball, 80mm Large Blue Flower Friendship Ball, 120mm Pink,White and Chocolate Friendship Ball, 120mm A pair of Handblown Glass Christmas Baubles - Set C - Green and white, 60mm A pair of Handblown Glass Christmas Baubles - Set D - Crimson and White, 60mm Medium Blue Flower Friendship Ball, 100mm Medium Green Flower Friendship Ball, 100mm Green Tealight holder, 67 mm high, 50 mm diameter Aqua Tealight holder, 67 mm high, 50 mm diameter Orange Tealight holder, 67 mm high, 50 mm diameter Pink Tealight holder, 67 mm high, 50 mm diameter White Tealight Holder, 67 mm high, 50 mm diameter

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Medium Blue Flower Friendship Ball
Medium Blue Flower Friendship Ball

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Fired Egg Friendship Ball Large Blue Flower Friendship Ball

Friendship balls are a wonderful way to give someone a symbolic gift of friendship. They make a thoughtful, unique gift that is perfect for giving at any time of year or for any occasion, from birthdays to christenings.

Each bauble will come with a note about friendship balls:

This beautiful friendship ball was hand made by an artisan glass blower from the Krosno region of Poland.

For centuries, friendship balls have been made by glass blowers at the end of their shift using pieces of leftover glass and given to friends to hang in their windows as long lasting tokens of love and appreciation.

To care for your friendship ball, hang it securely and make sure it will not blow / knock against anything that might chip / smash it. Every now and then, wash your friendship ball with warm soapy water to make sure it always sparkles at its best.

We also have a select number of premium friendship balls from a UK glass blower deep in the chiltern hills.

Sizes available: mini - 60 mm diameter (exclusive to, small - 80 mm diameter, medium - 100 mm diameter, large - 120 mm diameter.

A pair of Handblown Glass Christmas Baubles - Set C - Green and white A pair of Handblown Glass Christmas Baubles - Set D - Crimson and White

Every bauble is a kaleidoscope of rich hues, tones, colours and textures that change according to the light. As stunning decorations these eye catching glass balls will bring your Christmas tree to life, and with care, will stand the test of time.

Amber and Rose Scented tealights Frankincense and Myrhh Scented Tealights Hollyberry and Clove Scented Tealights Orange Blossom Scented Tealights Winter Fig Scented Tealights Eqyptian Cotton Scented Tealights

These top quality tealights hand made in Scotland will fill your room with scent. Shearer's have been hand making candles since 1897 and their experience shows. Why not match them with one of our tealights holders for the perfect gift?

Green Tealight holder Aqua Tealight holder Orange Tealight holder Pink Tealight holder White Tealight Holder Yellow Tealight Holder

Light up your garden or home with these very special tea light holders.

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