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We pride ourselves on offering excellent quality unique products at reasonable prices. If you can't find what you want let us know and we will see what we can find.

Please note that whilst the product you purchase on the website will be very similar to the one you receive, it is unlikely to be identical, because each friendship ball/spirit ball/tea light holder is completely unique, so there will be slight variations in colour blends, hues and patterns.

However, we are confident that every one of our products are beautiful and that you will be very happy with what you buy.

What are friendship balls?

Friendship Balls are hand blown glass spheres that were traditionally made by glass blowers from Eastern Europe at the end of their shift and then given to friends and family as tokens of friendship and good luck.

Friendship balls are a wonderful way to give someone a symbolic gift of friendship. They make a thoughtful, unique gift that is perfect for giving at any time of year or for any occasion, from birthdays to christenings. You can pick the colour your friend will like the most.
wedding sign
Wedding favours with a difference

Friendship balls make fantastic wedding favours! What better way to say thanks to your friends and family for coming to your special day than giving each of them a hand blown friendship ball?

We can provide an unlimited number of friendship balls for your wedding, and bulk orders of will attract significant discounts, meaning that the cost per ball could be as low as 4 - much less than many less unique wedding favours!

The balls can be delivered well in advance of your wedding date packed into plain white or brown boxes for you to wrap or label as you wish.

Ideal Christmas tree baubles

Some people think our friendship balls are Christmas tree baubles! Well, why not? The green and red balls are particularly perfect for Christmas.

If you would like to hang them on your Christmas tree, you are very welcome to. The 60mm baubles are perfect for any christmas tree and the 80mm are good for larger, more sturdier trees. Just tie them on firmly to avoid them slipping off and smashing! Be careful with children and pets that may like to play with things hanging on lower branches!

Unique gifts for all occasions

Here are some ideas we had for times that a friendship ball might come in handy:
  • A special and symbolic baby shower present for mums to be or to send to new parents when their baby is born - perhaps to hang up in the nursery window. The baby pink and pale blue versions mean you can even send a suitable colour for a boy or a girl.
  • A symbolic wedding present for the bride and groom. Balls/circles are recognised as symbols of eternity - what better way to mark a marriage!
  • A gift for a friend - the traditional meaning of a friendship ball to show a friend you care and have chosen a unique gift to give them that no one else will have.
  • Housewarming gift - instantly brightens up a room by adding a spot of colour and light. They look great placed in a window as a sun catcher.
  • 'Birthday balls' - every month of the year has colours associated with it. Why not pick a friendship ball that matches the colours of someone's birthstones. Find out more about birthstone colours and meanings on Wikipedia.
  • Pond decoration - these balls float! Pop them into your pond and watch them dance over the surface.

About our spirit balls

These larger very individual heavier glass balls have intricate strands of glass on the inside. Traditionally, Spirit Balls were given to ward off evil spirits and as a symbol of good luck. The twisted strands within look almost like the branches of trees reaching out to the surface of the sphere.

They make stunning one off architectural garden ornaments that will catch the light hanging from branches or sitting amongst flowers and foliage.

About our tealight holders

Light up your garden or home with these very special tea light holders. Larger than a friendship ball, but light and delicate, the tea light sits inside the ball and glimmers through the glass when alight. You put the tea light in through the opening in one side.

Beware: VERY HOT when lit! Not suitable for children. Always use the metal holder provided to stand the tea light on inside the ball. Alternatively, use LED tealights.

Ethical Pricing

Waterfall Glass believe in a fair deal for all our customers and our suppliers.

We are here for the long term, offering quality customer service and products at a competitive price. This means we may not be the cheapest supplier. We hope you agree that buying something as beautiful as a friendship ball is about more than just the price.

Buying on the internet is still about the customer experience and we hope that our website together with our customer service commitment to you will exceed your expectations whether you buy from us just once or many times.

We want you to be happy to tell your friends about our site and our products.

We aim to build long term relationships not quick sales.

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